Theodore “Ted” Britton

Ted grew up in Roachdale, Indiana; the oldest of five children. He attended as a youth church camp at Hanging Rock Christian Assembly and attended Parkersburg Christian Church, where he was baptized. Graduated from Roachdale High School and was involved in band, sports, and 4-H. Graduated Purdue University with B.S. in science and later earned a master’s degree in economics. He was a part of the Purdue Marching Band, Farmhouse Fraternity, and the International Farm Youth (IFY) exchange program. As a part of that program, he lived in Jamaica and was an international officer, and traveled to Europe.

He was President of a family agri-business and grain farm and later a stock broker with Merrill Lynch as a commodity specialist on the board of trade in Chicago. He opened his own commodity brokerage business. After he retired he split his time between Sarasota, Florida and Indianapolis, Indiana. He liked to discuss politics and the commodities markets, his hobbies included sailing and skiing.

He is survived by his brother, Edward(Carol)Britton, and his sister, Sara(Jon)Hubacher and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents, Ray and Louise Britton; a brother, David, and sister Lillie.

Funeral Services are Saturday, May 12, 2018 at Roachdale Christian Church with a 9 am visitation and funeral service 10 am, burial will follow at the Roachdale Cemetery. Servies & Morgan Funeral Home directs the services.

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3 thoughts on “Theodore “Ted” Britton

  • Joe Hart

    I have many good memories of Ted, David (my best friend), and other family memories. Ted mentor me at Purdue freshman year. Ted was a straight up guy …friendly, and always wore a smile. RIP my friend.

  • Judy Michal

    I first met Ted at Hanging Rock church camp and then again at a collegiate 4-H meeting at Purdue. When he called me after the Purdue meeting, I thought, “He seems like a nice guy; I wouldn’t mind going out with him.” But actually he had called to see if I would be willing to go out with his fraternity brother Phil Michal. What I didn’t know at the time was that Ted and Phil had come up with what I came to call a “dating pyramid scheme.” Their idea to combat Purdue’s ratio of 4 guys to every girl and find themselves more dates was this. Ted would call a girl he knew and ask her to go out with Phil; if this worked, then Phil would ask the girl to fix Ted up with a friend of hers. Then Phil would do the same for Ted and they would have a potentially endless number of dates. Fortunately, I was called at the beginning of this plan and it didn’t go very far. At any rate, Phil and I were married the summer before our senior year at Purdue, had three sons, and a successful life. We were married 54 years before he passed away last October.
    We have always been thankful to Ted for getting us together and sorry that we had lost touch with him.

  • Judy Cash Borders

    To the Britton family..
    I grew up in Parkersburg and my family attended the Parkersburg Christen Church. I remember the Britton’s pastoring the church. I especially remember Ted, Lillie and Sara. So sorry for your loss. As I read about Ted’s life, he was blessed and quite accomplished. God bless and comfort all of you.